Welcome to Millhouse Candles!

At Millhouse Candles we take pride and care in handmaking our beeswax candles. Our candles are made by using only 100% pure beeswax. Each is individually poured into tin molds, adding a personal touch to each candle. Because of the purity of the beeswax we use, our candles burn cleaner and longer than most.

We carry a variety of fragrances for our very popular handcrafted lotion bars, made from all natural ingredients, and we produce scented beeswax simmering tarts.

Wholesale orders are welcome, with no minimum order requirement.

Special orders are accepted; however, due to our schedule, special requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the date needed.

When you place an order with Millhouse Candles, be assured that your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be sold. However, we will periodically contact you with a notice about a new product or a special event. If you do not wish to be on our notification list, please let us know. Check back often as we continue to update our site with new and creative products.